Monday, September 30, 2013

Pastor Ronald J. Harris Sr. Shot Dead While Giving Sermon in Louisiana!

 ~Lake Charles, Louisiana~
The Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center:

Pastor Ronald J. Harris Sr. was shot dead this past
Friday night as he was giving a "revival" sermon to about
65 people, including members of his family.
Woodrow Karey, 53, is in custody and charged 
with Second Degree Murder in the pastor's
Reports provide that as Pastor Harris was speaking
from the pulpit, Karey came up from the audience,
shot Harris point blank and then left the building.
Harris was later arrested at his home. No motive
for the slaying has been established
at this time.

Is this one of the "Bring Your Guns to Church"
 friendly fundamentalist congregations
so often found in Louisiana?
The investigation continues.....

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