Sunday, September 8, 2013

'Dick Bigg' to Star as Christian Penis in 'Fifty Shades of Penis"! See the Screen Test Here! (NSFW)

Although a number of celebrity penises were up
for the part, a relatively unknown talent has been
cast to star as 'Christian Penis' in
"Fifty Shades of Penis",
a film based on the best selling book
by the same title. 
'Dick Bigg' has few film credits behind him.
However,  his performance in this years
sleeper fantasy EROTIC thriller hit,
"Horror on The Mattress Train"
with Miss Piggy and her Magic Tit,
combined with his rousing screen test
convinced producers that
Dick Bigg was their 'Christian Penis'.
See it for yourself.
 Here's the screen test.
'Fifty Shades of Penis' will be in
theaters early next year.

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