Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Raquel Welch Then and Now! A Personal Story! (Photos)

From a contributor in Milpitas, California......
"I first met Raquel Welch in 1966.
"Well....I didn't actually meet her.
I saw her in the movie One Million Years B.C.,
and there was instant communication
between us.
A meeting of the minds, so to speak.
"At this first meeting, it was clear there was 
"chemistry" between us and I thought
there could be a chance for us.
"At the time, I was about her age,
athletic and very capable of
fulfilling her needs.
"Raquel was so beautiful....
"Look at these....
"But, somehow, Raquel and I lost contact 
and we went our separate ways.
"And then, this year,
Raquel returned to my life.
Just look at her!
See how beautiful she is at 73!
"If it's possible, she's even more 
beautiful today than in years past.
"See? Beautiful!
"The years have been good to Raquel.
But what about me? 
"This is me NOW.
"Do you think we still have a chance?"

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