Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Saggy Pants Drama at the 'Rap N' Rump' Convention! (A Review in Photos)

has been growing in popularity
over the past few years with
rave reviews from it's
This year's festivities brought exhilarating 
high drama, to which all attendees can testify.
They got what they came for with this
Convention Theme: 
Here are some photos in review:
This year's "Miss Rump Princess"
presides over her subjects as
her 'Prince' is found at the bakery
replenishing her pastry supply.
The DRAMA Begins!

At the same time, drama was building as
last years Twerk Cup Flipping Champion
was attempting a repeat 'win'
in this popular event. 
Meanwhile, her boyfriend
 shopped for a new phone at the mall.
The drama grew more intense in the
"Rump Twerk Butt Paint"
contests, as this woman's
routine caused her boyfriend to 
shit his pants.
The poolside "Free for All"
twerk event sent attendees into 
'High Drama Frenzi' when
'Miss Babycakes' showed off her stuff.
Her boyfriend was so much in ecstasy
that he had to leave the event
for a short while.
Before Adolph competed in his event
he went to the rest room to take a dump,
as he's learned from previous competitions
that flying turds don't impress the judges
or the audience. 

Unfortuneatly, Adolph was a bit 
careless with his "wipe" maneuver, and
his date could be seen 
twerking home alone.
Next years event will be at 
The Park City, Utah 
Convention Center 
when special guests will include
Mitt and Ann Romney with special 
appearances by 
Phil Robertson
with his Special Message 
from The Word of God,
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

~This is Miss Tea Party America

reporting from the campus of
Liberty University.

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