Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saggy Pants Guy Suffers Penis Amputation After Tattoo Infection! The Story!

"Saggy Pants? Saggy Brain?"
After 17-year old Leviticus M. was admitted 
to Juvenile Hall for his participation in a 
'drive-by' shooting at a rival gang member,
he decided to 'self-tattoo' his
name on his penis.
Unfortunately, he botched the job.
His penis became infected from the ink, 
and by the time the infection
was discovered, Leviticus lost his penis
by amputation, leaving 
only a stub for urination.
Leviticus is now in therapy with others
who also suffer from 
'Micro-Penis Syndrome'.
We've also learned that 
Leviticus' mother,
sued the juvenile hall for "failure to 
properly supervise" her son
and settled out of court for
So now we know the value of
a "Saggy Pants Guy's Penis"!

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