Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ted Cruz Suffers "Psychotic-Break": "Live" on the Senate Floor!

-Men in White Coats Standing By!
-Straight Jacket Ready!
- Room at the Asylum Readied!
In the Tea Party's continuing advance toward
pushing America into a Banana Republic, and in
his own spiral downward into the recesses
of psychosis,
has been speaking for more than
19 hours on the Senate floor ostensibly fighting
for the defunding Obamacare.
It is not known how Nazis, pro-wrestling,
cooking fried eggs and tomatoes, 
the moon, creationism and a host of
other topics connect to defunding 
Obamacare, but in Cruz's mind,
somehow they do.

Cruz has vowed to continue speaking until he's
unable to speak any longer.
We suppose this means he will have to be
carried out?
Look for a Senate vote later on today to increase
the U.S. Debt Ceiling with the deletion
of the defunding Obamacare language
currently included in the House Bill.
"I Want to see him carried out!"
"Me Too...I Voted for Ted Cruz!"

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