Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'TechCrunch Disrupt SF' Introduces "titstare.com"! Are You Ready For It? (NSFW)

TechCrunch Disrupt 2013
New Product Fair
in San Francisco,
"Titstare" is a Men's Health Product based on
recent studies showing that years can be added to
male lifespans when they see tits.
Australian techies David Boulton and 
Jethro Batts introduced their innovative
"Titstare" app to mixed reviews at last
weekend's annual TechCrunch 
Product Fair in San Francisco.
This is how "Titstare" works.
When a man witnesses attractive tits,
especially those showing cleavage, the
Titstare app snaps a 'selfie' of
'him staring' and commits it to
his I-phone for future reference.
coming soon for women, gay males, 
conservative Christian men 
and the female-to-male transgender 
community is 
The 'DickSee' app does exactly as it's
name suggests.
'The "HELICOPTER" Exercise'
Creators of this application label it
as a 'good-for-soul exercise health-tech product' to be
 sold in Health Stores, at 'Duck Commander Sunday'
services and, of course, online.
'The "WEENIE-WAVE" Exercise'
Recognizing some skeptics will check
the validity of this article, and 'google'
'techcruch disrupt sf 2013',
the video of the
"CircleShake" app is worth your time.

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