Monday, September 30, 2013

U.S. Congress Spends $384,949. to Study Duck Penises ~ Circumcises $40mil. from Food Programs for Children and Vets!

Yes! It's true!
The U.S. Government spent $384,949. of National 
Science Foundation money to study the
length and nomenclature of ducks penises at Yale
University in 2013!
(SIZE MATTERS? To a Duck?)
And this is what America got
for the money:
An exposed, erect Duck Penis!
Can we laugh yet?
No! This is not a funny story.
Meanwhile, the GOP Tea Party faction
in The U.S. House of Representatives voted
to "CUT" $40 million from the
"Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program"
that effects the poorest of the nation's poor
and removes 170,000 elderly veterans
from it's benefit rolls (9/19/13).

This "circumcision" represents the latest 
completed portion of the
Paul Ryan
"Prosperity Plan" 
for America, and tells us that
Veterans and the Poor don't matter
to them!

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