Saturday, September 21, 2013

We Love Our Pets! Meet "Martin", "Miley" and "Treyvon"!

 We Love Our Pets!
But, they are all very different personalities,
with just one thing in common.
This is Martin!
He's wise, circumspect and loyal. 
We trust him to always do the 
right thing.
And then we have "Miley"! 
She likes to shake her ass a lot and be provocative.
But she's just a fun loving talented girl
who's still growing up.
"TREYVON" is something Else.
He likes to look sinister and intimidating.
But in truth, he's just a fun loving, impetuous
youth with a big heart of gold.
And the one thing they
ALL have in common?
Taco Bell Enchilada Sauce!

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