Thursday, September 19, 2013

Whatever Happened to "Captain Billy's Whiz Bang"? Adult Entertainment for Men! (Photos)

Before "Playboy" and "Penthouse" Magazines,
America had

YES! 'Capt. Billy's Whiz Bang',
with it's suggestive, naughty covers and 
smutty content, was the most popular 
periodical of it's generation.  
The "Whiz Bang" was the creation of
Wilford Hamilton "Captain Billy" Fawcett
who really was a U.S. Army Captain during
the Spanish-American War.
Upon his return from combat in the Philippines,
and then later after World War I,
'Captain Billy' created FAWCETT  PUBLICATIONS
in 1919, and an iconic new brand of
adult entertainment was born.
'Captain Billy' tailored his books to the interests of
returning veterans of war. He knew their experiences,
desires and senses of humor. He also was serious
in "exploding the pretentious myth" 
(he called "explosion of pedigreed bunk") that
to him was the grand hypocrisy of middle America
at the time.
The term "Whiz Bang" was the sound made from a
piece of battlefield artillery to which all American
soldiers could relate and understand.

America's Victorianism was going down in favor of
new cultural standards. A sexual revolution was 
taking place, and 'Captain Billy' was there to
cash in with his "Whiz Bang".
'Captain Billy' was not without his "moral police'
detractors. But each time they spoke out against him,
his magazine sales grew.
In tandem with a new movie genre featuring
naked women (called "SMOKERS"**),
'Captain Billy' also had his
series of books that were bawdy, tantalizing
and provocative.
By today's standards, "Captain Billy's Whiz Bang" is
pretty tame stuff. He did, however, serve as a
harbinger of things to come and stoked
curiousities and imaginations while 
providing entertainment. 
Curiosity DID NOT kill the Cat.
Curiosity explains the progress, mystery,
successes and failures of humanity in all things.
Humanity Evolves.
Captain Billy was part of this experience.
 **"SMOKERS" started out as short, underground silent movies for men only and typically consisted of nude giggly women cavorting and making silly poses and beckoning gestures for men to enjoy. By the 1930's and into the 40's and 50's these movies advanced to silly story lines with serious nudity. Criminal penalty was attached to anyone found showing these films or watching them which made them even more popular. 

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