Monday, September 9, 2013

When Oral Sex is Not "SEX" ~ "I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN!" - Bill Clinton! A Conservative Christian Idiom!

"Conservative Christianity"
- the Moral Low Road!
...from our Conservative Christian Historian and
Cultural Contributor in Austin, Texas comes 
On January 26, 1998, President Bill Clinton made
his well quoted "sexual relations" statement in
a television interview.
What Clinton did not say was,
'All she did was suck my dick'. 
Monica Lewinsky:
'I sucked the Presidents Dick'.
(Yup! She said it. And proved it.)
So? Why did Bible Belt Christian Conservatives
give Clinton a free pass on this issue?
'In recent years, the Conservative Christian
community, especially in the Southern States,
has not deemed ORAL SEX as SEX!'
Fellatio gets a pass, but penis to vagina
SEX is a big NO-NO and can send
perpetrating 'penetrators' straight to Hell 
if they're not married-To Each Other. 
'Oral sex is NOT SEX'!
Which is an
unwritten, seldom discussed
Christian Conservative Idiom.
Another idiomatic "Christian" practice is the
inordinate amount of incest, pedophilia
and homosexuality practiced between 
and among siblings, cousins and 
other family members as represented in many
reliable studies and reports in recent years.
But this is another story.
(Google 'incest in conservative christianty'
 for enlightenment on this subject matter.)
Little editorial comment is necessary here, save to say 
we might all want to remember these facts when
we hear Christian Conservative Politicians
speaking on any moral issue. 

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