Sunday, September 22, 2013

Where America's Racist Strongholds Are Today! (See the Infographics)

 Racism is alive and well in America!
Well, some parts of it, anyway.
A recently released, comprehensive study from
The University of Rochester 
presents these "Racism" infographics based on
data relating to current attitudes and
behaviors in America.
Findings include that most "racism" prevails in
'The Cotton/Bible Belt'
States and Counties where slavery was
prevalent prior to The Civil War.   
Here are the Infographics:
It is also noteworthy that other reliable studies and data
provide that these same areas have the 
HIGHEST RATES of poverty, teen pregnancies, and
conservative Christian churches per capita
in the nation.
And the 10 Richest States According to
24/7 Wall St.?
9 of the 10 are "BLUE" with
Maryland at number 1!  

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