Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why Has U.S. Senator Ted Cruz Taken Control of The House of Representatives?

Update October 2, 2013: Although Ted Cruz influence
in The House seems to have waned with at least 20
house members saying they will now vote to pass
a clean 'debt increase bill' without the Obamacare 
defunding provision, such is being stalled by
a spineless 
John Boehner 
who's having another glass of Merlot.
Now to our original story~ 
U.S. Senator Ted Cruz* has pushed

 Speaker of the House of Representatives
John Boehner 
aside and taken control
of Boehner's job
(According to Capitol Hill pundits and Insiders)
The Billionaire Koch Brothers 
have a long range plan to take control of
the U.S. Government.
This is part of that plan. 
There are now enough elected Tea Party
Politicians in Congress to make this kind of move.
Do you want to stop this process?
Vote Down any and all Members
of The Tea Party!
~We can do it in 2014~
*You can access a profile of Ted Cruz from a number of articles on this blog. Basically, however, he is Sarah Palin in a 
Jock Strap with a measure of 

Phylis Schafaly in Depends.

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