Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The World's Largest Cave: Son Doong Opens to Public Tours! (See the Stunning Photos)

Son Doong, The World's Largest Cave,
is opening to the public next year
with tours now being scheduled.
 At 5.5 miles long, a jungle, never before seen
tropical plant life, and at heights to fit
40-story buildings, with a river
running through it.....

Son Doong Cave will open it's mystery and majesty
to the public for the first time early next year.
Although the cave was discovered in 1999, it wasn't
explored until 2009, in that to get into it, one must
rappel 80 meters into it's body to see it.
And this is what the first public visitors must do, as there
is no other means to get to the cave floor
at this time.
Pre-positioned camp sites with assisting
staff will be waiting for visitors who may
stay for up to 6 days inside Son Doong.
Once inside the cavern, this is some of what
visitors will see.
More than 5 miles of trails have been
marked and cleared
Swimming too? 

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