Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Sarah Palin Book~Good Tidings and Great Joy! Donate for a Copy? An Alternative!

 Sarah Palin has a new book?
Lets Celebrate?
They're kidding, right?
Donate to SarahPAC?
They're broke, aren't they?
Where does the money go?**
Wouldn't a better alternative be to donate to a
LOCAL Children's, Senior or Veteran's 
organization this Holiday Season? 
**We've repeatedly asked for an accounting of donated SarahPAC dollars insofar as what percentage of donations actually go to candidates or causes we're interested in supporting in relation to salary and office expenses. We've also asked the names of SarahPAC employees, their salaries and which Palin family members are on the payroll. We've never received a reply which could easily be done in the comments section below. 

See The Magic of Photoshop Imaging in This 'Body-Evolution' Lingerie Photo Shoot!

How did this Beautiful Woman
get so Beautiful?

Lets take a quick look at what goes on behind the
scenes at a lingerie magazine photo-shoot
followed by 'body-evolution'
photo imaging. 
This amazing work was first brought to our 
attention a couple years ago by
The Gifs are via
Business Insider.

Man With Knife in Skull Walked Into an ER and Said: "I'd Like to See a Doctor, Please...." (Gross-Out Photos)

Texas isn't the only place where 
stupid people do stupid things.
In Jilin Province in
Northeast China,

Ho Lung
walked into an emergency room with a
10-inch fruit knife stuck in his head
and said, "I'd like to see a doctor, please".
Ho admitted to horsing around with a friend 
when the mishap occurred.
The medical report indicated that the
knife had penetrated Ho's skull and gone
into his brain, which in Ho's case meant
no damage was done.
Credit Article Concept and Photos to

Georgia 'Weenie Wagger' Gets 3 Weekends in Jail After Injesting 'Shrooms' and Shaking His Penis at Police! (Mug Shot)

The story read that after Georgia
 "Weenie Wagger"
Clifford Eric Atkinson, 29,
scarfed down some magic-mushrooms,
he decided to do some 'lily-waveing' out, about
and around his apartment complex.
Police were called and were treated to
a 'shake job' by the culprit, after which
he was arrested. 
After pleading guilty to one charge of
lewd conduct, Clifford and 'little elvis' will
be doing 3 weekends in jail as punishment
for his sin.
Condom guy says Atkinson's antic
was totally stupid.
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Is Troy Aikman Gay? Dexter Manning Says "......!"

Some of the BIG (NOT) NEWS of the week in
the Sports World came when 
Dexter Manning 
flat out said
Troy Aikman 
is "A QUEER", while being
interviewed on a Washington D.C. radio
show. And there, the story seems
to have died.
Hey, to the Dinosaur Sports World press....
It's the 21st Century. No one

Dr. Phil: Fat TV Psychologist Writes Weight Loss Book!

Only in America can an Obese 'Showboat'
TV-'Psychologist' with dubious professional qualities
write a "WEIGHT LOSS" book and sell
millions of copies.  
Reliable and professional Psychiatric and Psychology
clinicians DO NOT share the pain and suffering of
their clientele with anyone, much less a
television audience.
Also, the last time we looked, Dr. Phil shares the same
"Nutrition Credentials"
Miss Piggy,
who for the record, has some professional respect 
and does not represent herself as
'expert' in areas she knows little about.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Tragic Death of Andy Lopez, 13, Sparks National Outrage! Some Basic Facts! (Photos)(UPDATE)

UPDATE JULY 7, 2014: Today District Attorney 
Jill Radich announced that Sheriff's Deputy 
Eric Gelhaus would NOT BE CHARGED in 
the shooting death of Andy Lopez, a minor.
Deputy Gelhaus followed Department Policy to the
letter when he shot and killed Lopez in
Roseland, a crime-ridden area
in the Santa Rosa area of
the Sonoma County Wine Country
last October.
Since Lopez died, there have been weekly 
(misguided) marches and protests seeking
"Justice for Andy Lopez." 
Now that the DA has ruled on this matter, perhaps
organizers can turn the Lopez matter into
something positive for their community
and educate their people toward
the goals being good citizens,
especially among their youth.
Now Back to Our Original Story.....
Against the bloated, disingenuous 
media backdrop of 
and other liberal outlets.....  
.....the tragic death of 13-year old
at the hand of Sonoma County Sheriffs
Deputies last Tuesday in Santa Rosa, California,
must be examined with some basic FACTS.
This is the "ASSAULT WEAPON" Lopez was carrying
at 3pm last Tuesday in a weedy area of Roseland, a
high crime area on the outskirts of Santa Rosa.
Deputies had probable cause to stop Lopez when they
saw him and the weapon. Officers repeatedly told
Lopez to drop the weapon. Instead, Lopez turned 
toward the officers with gun in hand pointing it
toward the officers. 
Officers then shot Andy Lopez dead!
These are the basic facts into the
death of Andy Lopez.
Another basic fact to remember is that
when a police officer orders you or anyone else to do
something, DO IT! Especially if you have a real gun 
in your hand or a pellet gun as Andy's weapon
turned out to be.
Sheriff's authorities show a real AR-47 and the
gun Andy Lopez pointed at the deputies.
The Lopez death is tragic. But certainly 
justifiable under the real facts of this
R.I.P Andy!
 Let us all hope you find some justice in the promise
that others may learn from your stupidity, 
and that parents everywhere
recognize their responsibilty in the supervision
of their children and guns, whether or not those
guns are pellet guns that look like
AR-47 Assault Weapons!

Rand Paul Plagiarizes Entire 'Wiki' Page from Gattaca Movie in Stump Speech!

 Did you see the movie
We didn't either, 
but Rachel Maddow did and
remembered some of the script.
So when she reviewed yesterday's Rand Paul stump
speech for Virginia Gubernatorial Hopeful,
Ken (criminalize masturbation) Cuccinelli, 
Maddow found Paul had plagiarized the movie's
entire Eugenics dialog from Wikipedia!
We don't see how this story changes much in
today's political scheme,
save to say that 'Gattaca' was about a genetically
inferior man who assumed strange and
unusual social thoughts and positions,
which seem to fit
Rand Paul 
and his dwindling Tea Party audience.
Credit article Concept and some Content to
and be sure to visit their website.

Dallas Safari Club Auctions Chance to Kill Black Rhino ~ Proceeds Going to "Save the Rhino Trust."

is auctioning off a chance to kill a Black Rhino
in Namibia, South Africa with auction 
proceeds going to the
And the National and International media 
is going ballistic over the abject hypocrisy.
This auction makes perfect sense to
Doesn't it?
Hey! They put Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert
in the U.S. Congress didn't they?
Way to GO, TEXAS!
~Credit Article Concept to the ''DEATHandTAXES'' Website~

Monday, October 28, 2013

A Buddhist Axiom: "When you Get to the Top of The Mountain, Keep Climbing".



Lao Tzu Says.....

...from Lao Tzu

See These Treyvon Martin/George Zimmerman Halloween Costumes ~ Guaranteed to Offend!


He Just Ate a Monsanto Tomato! (Photos)

"Did your tomato taste a bit odd?"
'Too many Monsanto Products?'
'Have you tried the
Monsanto Chicken?'
~Credit Article Concept to Alison Filip, California~

Have You Ever Been Left "Hanging By The Balls?" ~EXTREME NSFW!

Have YOU ever been 
This guy gives new meaning to what
is all about.
Hey! This is Bad Stuff! 
~Credit Article Content to Julian in Amsterdam~