Monday, November 11, 2013

Is American Socialism Evil?

Is Socialism in America as Evil as some of our
politicians would have us believe?
These guys with a bunch of other Koch Brothers
obstructionist Republican Tea Party lawmakers
rigged the most recent government shutdown.
This Guy,
These Guys,
And This Guy Too
were all part of crippling
America's progress
under the guise of the threat of 
And the unnecessary costs to tax payers?
So, consider this:
Without "American Socialism" we'd still be
traveling on dirt trails, boiling our drinking
water, and being treated medically in
barber shops!
Think about it America!
(And just for the record, all those pictured
above are some of the greatest beneficiaries of
America's Socialism in that government
entitlements pay the their freight for just about
everything for themselves and their 

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