Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Is The Grinch That's Stealing Thanksgiving Going to Get His Butt Kicked? See this Composite Poll of When Americans Will SHOP!

Lets Kick some Grinch Butt!
With a larger than ever number of big box stores
opening their doors early this Thanksgiving Day
to sell their junk, their greed is being met
 with public disapproval. 
The following poll numbers represent a 
Huffington Post
composite of a number of polls taken
over the last several weeks.
Take a Look: 
Is the Greedy Grinch Losing?
Will He Get His Butt Kicked? 
We'll know in just a few days.
Meanwhile, enjoy the season in the manner
that gives you the best feelings possible,
which is probably not with
'the people of Walmart'.

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