Monday, November 11, 2013

Michele Bachmann Assures Nation She Has No Plans to Release a 'Sex Tape'!

Michele Bachmann?
Unconfirmed information and rumors
have circulated for years that in
addition to God talking to 
Michele Bachmann,
that she has privately suggested that
she has not only had sex with God, but also
has a tape of the event.
And yes, people are concerned.
Michele is a married woman!
And even though GOD does provide
certain exemptions from Hell,
still, Michele is a MARRIED WOMAN and
we would expect that she would need to stand
 in judgement of her adulterous activity
at some future time.

"Not So!",
Michele might claim.
'Mary did it, and she was married
to Joesph at the time'.
So, just where is
Nurse Ratched when we need her?
 Michele has been appearing on
several Conservative Christian radio
talk shows recently,
and we are reasonably assured that
she has no plans to release a sex tape
with God or anybody else.
"That's Funny"!

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