Saturday, November 30, 2013

North Korea's Kim Jong Un - A Real Asshole! Jails 85 year-old AMERICAN Veteran! (Photo)

To The people of North Korea:
Sorry you have such an ASSHOLE for your
supreme "leader". You may want to consider doing
something about it.
Now to our story......... 
Although ALSO a real ASSHOLE, 
North Korea's 
Kim Jong Il died a couple yeas ago. 
So he's not the ASSHOLE we're
referring to here.

Once again, proving that 'the Terd'
doesn't fall far from the ASSHOLE,
Kim Jong Un, 
(English translation: 'Little Fat Shit')
has detained 
Merrill Newman, 85, a Korean War Veteran,
who was visiting his crap country last month
for nostalgic reasons.
Merrill Newman, 85, American War Veteran
Newman is shown here (on Thanksgiving Day)
giving an apology to Korea 
for killing women and children 
during the Korean War, according to
news sources (which was probably
written by a North Korean
history teacher).
There are no plans for the North Korean
Government to free this American
Veteran at the moment.
~Credit Korean Article Concept and Photo Captures to Vet Ozzie K.,
Ventura, California 

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