Friday, November 15, 2013

Rand Paul "Personhood" Legislation Excludes 300 Americans Born With 'Ambiguous Genitalia as Not Being People'?

There are 300 Americans in this country who are
NOT designated as people under Rand Paul's
pending "PERSONHOOD" Legislation?
Unfortunately for those born in America
with 'Ambiguous Genitalia', they are NOT PEOPLE
according to Paul's fundamentalist Christian dogma
driven legislation. 
'Ambiguous Genitalia' is the current terminology for
Hermaphrodite, that is, those born with both
male and female genitalia.
According to Medical Research, about 1 in 1 million

children born in the world enter this world with
both male and female sex organs. This means that
approximately 3,000 people in America 
live and function with 'Ambiguous Genitalia'.
It also means that the passage of Rand Paul's 
Conservative Christian backed
bill now in the U.S. Senate would strip these
citizens from their current designation as
~Rand Paul~
Although Rafael Cruz (Ted's Dad) backs 
Paul's legislation, as does Ted,
we haven't checked out his position
on the instant matter.
~Rafael Cruz~
But we can say with near certainty that Rafael
would preach that God does not make people with
ambiguous genitalia and that science is not to be
trusted because gender is determined at birth.

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