Wednesday, November 13, 2013

See These Male 'LOCK 'N LOAD' All-Purpose Chastity Devices! (NSFW)

These 'LOCK 'N LOAD' All-Purpose/Multi-Use
Male Chasity Devices were originally designed
for Conservative Christian 

Anti-Masturbation Clinics,
 but are now sold in the "Fetish" 
community as toys for disciplinary purposes.
They are also classified as 'medical devices'
for those with certain 'illnesses'.
These new and improved devices now come 
in Camo (for Duck Dynasty Fans), Chrome 
and Wood, so you can't come or get a "woody" until
the person with the key says you can.
You can get yours for as little
as $150.00 according to the literature
we read.
These award winning applications come in
many sizes. So, take your measurements,
and visit the website for further details.

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