Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tea Party Favorite Ken Cuccinelli Gets Ass Kicked by Terry McAuliffe in Virginia Governor Election!

 Yesterday in Virginia,

Terry McAuliffe pictured on Left/Ken Cuccinelli-Right
Democrat Terry McAuliffe kicked 
Tea Party Republican/Conservative-Calvinist
Christian Ken Cuccinelli's lunatic ass in
the governor's race.
At the same time, in the race for Lt. Governor,
Ralph Northam (right) sent evangelical 
sack of nuts E.W. Jackson back to his
flock to continue tending to his
dumb-shit sheep with equal doses
of hate, bigotry and stupidity.
Democrat Northam's victory was a
lop-sided 55% of the vote to Tea Party
Jackson's 42%.
The Message to the 
Billionaire Koch Brothers
and their Tea Party
is loud and clear.
Their 'Brand' doesn't even make
decent toilet paper any longer.

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