Thursday, November 7, 2013

TIME Magazine's Chris Christi "Elephant in the Room" Cover Stirs Controversy!

Is this TIME cover a message to the
Tea Party or a flat out insult to
Chris Christi
who just won a second term as
Governor of New Jersey?
Or, both?
Whichever the case, we all know that
Governor Christi is fat, and have known
such for a long time.
What is important here is that Chris Christi
may be the savior and salvation of
the Republican Party.
Christi is smart and he was just re-elected
as Governor in a Democrat State by
a margin of 50 points when his Tea Party
counterparts are going down to
defeat even in the red States.
Get over what is shown here, and pay attention to
what and how this man is doing things.

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