Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Whatever Happened to the Tea Party Patriot Snake? See the Answer! (Photos)

Remember this guy?
We don't see much of him anymore, and
we've been wondering what happened 
to him.
There has been speculation that he was cut
from The Pea Party budget.
As we all know FreedomWorks and Contract
from America have fallen on hard times 
in recent months. 
Did he lose his food stamps in the sequester?
Some say 'yes', and that he can be seen
pandering for money near Paul Ryan's
office at the Capitol.
However, we have from good authority
that 'the patriot snake' has met a "political
gang-like" demise as he is no longer
useful to "The GOP-TEA PARTY AGENDA"!
Given the raging civil war within the 
Republican Party,
this is where the evidence leads to.


Yes. This symbolic gesture is what
happens in American politics
to "snakes" that are no longer
useful to the higher (and lower)
causes of those politics.
In our research, we learned, however,
that some snakes, when their heads are
chopped off, live on for a short time
and the heads attack their own
bodies after the decapitation.
Is there a message here?

Then, of course, we always have

~Credit Article Concept and Some Content to Joe W. in Illinois

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