Saturday, November 9, 2013

Women Groping Men for Charity? A New 'Fund-Raiser' World Standard! Men LIKE IT! (Photo)

Only in Paris?
"Cup your balls, Dude?"
"That'll be $13.50 .....for Charity"
Here's the story~
A 'hand sanitizer' company based in France is
promoting their product and raising 
men's health issues at the same time.
Accordingly, a number of young women may
be found on the streets of Paris groping
male strangers and then asking for
donations that will go to such causes
as testicular cancer research,
prostate cancer treatments and
the transmission of STDs.
Good idea?

No one has complained yet.
But we suspect the Mormon Missionaries
assigned to Paris might have a different 
take on the matter.
And then again, maybe they wouldn't.

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