Thursday, January 31, 2013

Meet "Lola"---Sygun Liebhart---71, Arrested for Prostitution in Connecticut! (Photos)

Whatever Lola Wants?
Meet Sygun Liebhart, 71, a prostitute
 who works under 
the name "Lola", and apparently has done so
for more than 25 years.
Her ad on
"Lola" was arrested last Monday at
a Glastonbury, Connecticut hotel on 
prostitution charges, booked into jail,
then released on $500. bond.
"Lola" charges $150.
for her services which is about half the fee
the ladies who are half her
age charge in their common demographic 
according to very reliable sources.
Age discrimination?

Sometimes Social Security and
Medicare just don't let a girl live in a manner
 to which she's become accustomed.

Applebee's Waitress Fired for Sharing "10%/18%" Bill-Stub! Todays Bible Lesson from 'Web-World Christian Ministries'! (Illustration)

This bill-stub was first reported on
with "pastor" written at the top
of the bill. 
The Applebee's waitress was fired for posting this check!
God is Good!
God is Great! 
Praise the Lord!  
Is God Happy About This?
'Web-World Christian Ministries'
is watching. 

1 Billion Chinese Chickens to Amputate Wings for American Super Bowl Sunday Ritual!

NBC Bay Area News reports that 
Americans will consume 
1.23 billion chicken wings this
coming Sunday during 
The Super Bowl! 

They also report that $1.01 billion will be spent
on booze, and that a 30-second game
commercial will cost $3.7 million!  
"You didn't think American Chickens would
sacrifice THEIR wings, did you?" 

Arkansas State Senate Passes "Bring Your Gun to Church" Law!

ABC News and Huffington Post report
that Arkansas's State Senate voted
28-4 to pass the
law on Monday. 
Should the governor sign this legislation
into permanent law,
church members in Arkansas will be legally
abiding when carrying concealed
weapons to Bible Class, Koran Study,
  Scientology lectures and to
Church of Body Modification meetings.
Is there a "thinning of the herd" ulterior motive
to this legislation?

RAPE-ROBBERY at the GAS PUMP! See Today's California Vs. Arizona Per-Gallon Price!

January 31, 2013:
Today the cost per gallon of gas in
California is $3.47. 
In Arizona the price is $2.95!
Is this "The American Free Market"? 
Or, is it a "FIXED MARKET"? 


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Legendary Porn Star Ron Jeremy Hospitalized-in Critical Condition!

Legendary Porn Star
is Fighting for his life in the 
Intensive Care Unit at
Cedars-Sinai  Hospital in Los Angeles.
Today, Jeremy, 59, drove himself
to the hospital after suffering severe
chest pain. 
He's been diagnosed with a 
Heart Aneurysm and is currently
in treatment. 
Ron Jeremy is and has been a
prolific and popular PORN STAR  
with a following in the millions. 
We wish Ron Jeremy a very speedy
recovery and a quick return
before the cameras.
(from a guest contributor in Hollywood)

Liberty Ross Announces She is 'Single' by Posing Nude for LOVE Magazine! (NSFW Photos)

Liberty Ross certainly has a unique way
of announcing her relationship status.
She has posed NUDE for 
LOVE Magazine
and here are two of those
Did Liberty get her point across?
(from a guest contributor in Hollywood)
And who is Liberty Ross, anyway?
Is she "shade 17" in Christian's 
Fifty Shades of Grey?
Hooray for Hollywood! 

Teen Performer at Obama Inaugural Shot Dead! (Photo)

 A New Face of Gun Violence 
Hadiya Pendleton, 15, and an honor
student at 
King College Prep High School
in Chicago was shot and killed
yesterday in a public park. 
Hadiya was with several other students
sheltering from the rain when a man
with a semi-automatic weapon
 jumped from a car and opened fire
on the teenagers.
Hadiya was shot in the back and
died at a nearby hospital several hours
Police do not believe Hadiya was a
target of the shooting and the killer is
still at large.
Hadiya was a majorette with her high
school band and performed at
several of President Obama's 
inauguration events earlier this month.
When is enough, ENOUGH?

Amazing Animated GIF Art by Paolo Ceric! (Mesmerizing?)

Computer Artist Paolo takes
to new levels! 


Alabama 'Immigration-Law' Compared to NAZI Germany "ART" Pulled from Museum! (Photo)

This rendering from
Professor of Art Edward Noriega
Troy University of Art
was pulled from Talladega Heritage Hall
Museum because of it's content!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Whatever Happened to Kurt Russell?

We can't think of another
 film star who has provided audiences
(including us)
with more screen entertainment value than
Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn-Aspen, Colorado-December 2012
But since we'd not seen him 
on the screen for a while
we wondered whatever
happened to him.
So we asked this question to our 
readers and here's what we got...
Kurt started his film career at
age 6, and worked continuously for
the next 50 years.
*************************** an adult, Kurt became
Elvis in the TV mini-series
biography of the
late "KING".
Kurt Followed as
in "Escape from New York''!
Then our personal favorite,
...and in between these entertainment 
favorites, Kurt made about 50 other
hit films...
But we haven't seen Kurt on the  screen
for several years now...
After being away for too long, Kurt will
be back later this year with,
a retired motorcycle daredevil
and reformed art thief,
who just may find himself in
Big Trouble in a Little World!
(Let the FUN Begin!)
For the record,
Kurt Russell is 61 years old and has
been working in movies for 55 years.
So we guess having some time
for himself is understandable.
But we're still glad he's back.
Kurt Russell understands what many in
today's Hollywood don't.
The first rule of movies is
and Kurt Russell entertains!  

Former SF 49er Kwame Harris Charged with Felony Beating of ex-Boyfriend! (Photos of Harris and Boyfriend)

Kwame Harris
January 28, 2013
San Mateo County California
Former SF 49er Kwame Harris, 30, has been
charged with Felony Domestic Abuse stemming
from an altercation with his ex-boyfriend
Dimitri Geier, last August. 
Harris appeared in court yesterday,
posted $75,000 bail, and will return to
court in late April for further 
Dimitri Geier
The violence occurred in a restaurant
parking lot last August.
Harris is pleading 'not guilty',
saying he acted in self defense when
his boyfriend assaulted him first.
The boyfriend was hospitalized and 
required surgery.
Harris was a 49er 2003 draft pick and played
5 Seasons with that team. He then moved
to the Oakland Raiders for one season
and is now attending college
at Stanford.  

Monday, January 28, 2013

Is This Philippe Dubost Resume the Best Ever? (Photo)

Is Philippe Dubost Resume
the Best Ever produced? 
The very, very BEST EVER? 
 Some say 'YES'!

Did Marco Rubio/Rand Paul/Ted Cruz--Forget "Liberty and Justice for All" in 'Gun Violence' Debate?

What happened to the
"Liberty and Justice for all"
part of the U.S. Constitution in the current
Gun Violence Debate*?  
How about "LIFE, LIBERTY, and the
Pursuit of HAPPINESS"? 
Have our erstwhile U.S. Senators Marco
Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and other 
supporters of "gun violence"
trashed these basic tenets of 
American Life in favor of a
corporate, convoluted
interpretation of 
The Second Amendment? 
Adam Lanza-December, 2012
(Shot and killed 26 people in a few minutes
with an assault weapon.)

Did the children (20 of them) and the 
other victims at "Sandy Hook" have
"Liberty and Justice" in this event?
James Holmes-July, 2012
(Shot 70 people in about 1 minute 
using an assault weapon.)
Jared Loughner-2011
(Shot 20 people in about 45 seconds
using an assault weapon.)
Ted Cruz,
Marco Rubio,
and these 
 "gun violence" advocates
continue their assault on
"LIFE, LIBERTY, and the
*Why are we having this debate?
Is America just plain stupid?