Monday, May 26, 2014

"Conservative Christian Impulses" Blamed for Santa Barbara Mass Shootings!

caused last Friday's mass killings in
Santa Barbara?
7 people dead and 13 wounded
was caused by some kind of 
'Latent Christianity'
Well this is just a "sack of nuts" premise to
base the cause of these tragic murders on,
isn't it? 
But these comments aren't as crazy as 
FOX NEWS Contributor
"Dr. Robi Ludwig" who yesterday blamed
this massacre on the shooter's
as the cause of these killings.
Where did this "Psycho"-Psycho Therapist
come from? Or, was it a 'Psychic-Therapist?
FOX NEWS really had to dig-deep
to find this one.

Did FOX NEWS find her under Phil Robertson's
Duck Dynasty Septic Tank?
As crazy as the instant headline is, however, it has more
credence than "Dr. Ludwig's" comments. 
Statistics will show that Conservative Christians
have the guns, and are doing the
killings 50 to 1 over homosexuals in America.
Isn't that right, "Dr. Ludwig"?
Is "Ms. Ludwig" incompetent, lying,
or both?
Take your pick.
We've also learned that 'the doctor' may
have been coached for her 'news' performance
by Ann Coulter,
which could explain a lot.
~WebWorld Christian Ministries.

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