Wednesday, May 28, 2014

American Crocodile Hospitalized After Being Crushed by Heavy Russian Woman on Circus Bus!

"Max", an American Crocodile, is resting comfortably,
 but in guarded condition in a Russian hospital
after a Circus Fat Lady "Miss Dimples"
fell on him in a traffic mishap.

Russian Roadways Can Be Hazardous
to Crocodiles!
Especially if the Circus Bus you're riding in
is rear-ended and you're in the proximity of the
Circus Fat Lady when it happens.
As The "Moscow" Circus was en route to it's
new venue, Miss Dimples fell on "Max", 
the circus crocodile, who was riding 
next to her at the time, causing
great bodily harm.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin has called
for a National Day of Prayer
in Max's Behalf*.
*Article Based on True Events.

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