Saturday, May 31, 2014

Glenn Beck "Reveals" Extensive Family History of RAPE! (See the Video)

Earlier this month Glenn Beck
aired a "Rape Skit" that has been soundly
trashed for disingenuous inaccuracies
and misleading information
by those who have actual and valid
knowledge about this 
Crime of Violence. 
Now, Beck, a "has been 'news' entertainer"
with a list of documented lies 
(google "Glenn Beck Lies" for verification)
in previous presentations behind him, has
 fired back on his "Rape Critics" with
what may be even more controversial
In the following You Tube video, Beck
claims his father was raped on 
repeated occasions while living
at the YMCA, and later at a
golf course, and also by
a preacher.
Accordingly, can this story be believed
considering Glenn Beck's 
record of lies?
We recognize that 'male-on-male' rape
is not an unusual circumstance.
What is unusual about 'Beck's Story' here is
that a male who doesn't like being raped is said
repeatedly put himself in 'social positions'
to be raped.
Glenn Beck is pictured here with his father.
The elder Beck died last March
at age 86.

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