Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Gun Talk" - A Victim of the UCSB Massacre Father Speaks Out!

(~Elliot Rodger - Deceased~)
'But last Friday night TOGETHER we killed 
7 people and injured 13 in Santa Barbara.'
A victims father of the UCSB killings
spoke out yesterday saying
the death of his son was not only the
work of a 'mad man', but also the work of
"Craven Politicians and The NRA."
So, will there be some real and reasonable
 'Gun Regulations' in America from
the U.S. Congress?
('America needs more guns with no Regulations'
-Louie Gohmert-R. Texas.)
Not likely. This father was correct
 in his assessment. 
The NRA Does Not Agree with This Message.
And America's Politicians will do just as they
they are told as they have in the past.

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