Saturday, May 24, 2014

Allen West: How NASA Killed Michael Jackson and Set the Stage for The Benghazi Massacre!

From former Tea Party Congressman
comes this Information:

'Not long after Obama took office in 2009, 
Michael Jackson died.
That's when my logic told me that Obama had
directed NASA to kill Michael Jackson, which
of course set the stage for the 
Benghazi Massacre.' 
'I've been silent til now because Obama threatened
to take all my government pensions away.'
'But now I have incontrovertible evidence that
proves NASA killed Michael Jackson.'
This evidence comes from a source, sourced by
a family member who has a friend
that once worked for NASA who
knew a worker there who 
provided me with this
confidential data.'
Here's that data:
'I truly believe this information is God Sent,
as I believe that nothing happens by
chance. And I hate Muslim's too because Obama
worked with them to kill Americans in
And I have that evidence too, which is just as
powerful and correct as what is
presented here about 
Michael Jackson's murder.'
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Guardian of the Republic!"

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