Friday, May 30, 2014

Joe the Plumber News! Says 'Most Guns Should Be Used for Hunting Down Politicians...'!

Earlier this week 
"Joe The (Failed Politician) Plumber"
made this 'sensitive remark' in an
open letter to the parents of the victims
 of last Friday's gun killings in Santa Barbara
(7 dead/20 injured). 
Then yesterday, this shit-for-brains NRA
puppet dug his hole deeper. 
Writing on his blog, Joe tells us,
'Most guns should be used for hunting down politicians
who would actively seek to take your freedom and
liberty away' (under NRA definition?).
Is making a generic 'gun-violence threat'
a prosecutable "Terrorist Threat"?
Will Joe be getting a visit from 
law enforcement authorities? 
Is Joe 'on the take' from
the NRA?
Stay tuned..... 

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