Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Joe The Plumber Writes Disturbing Letter to Families of UCSB Shooting Victims: - "Your Dead Kids Don't Trump My Constitutional Rights''!

Last Saturday, after alleged mass killer 
Elliot Rodger gunned down 19 unsuspecting
students leaving 7 dead (including the shooter)
and 13 wounded, a grieving 
father of a slain victim,
Richard Martinez, 
spoke out against "craven politicians and
the NRA" as causing his son's murder.
Today, a "craven politician" and NRA supporter,
in the form of failed 
Tea Party Congressional candidate Loser,
Joe the Plumber, 
wrote a letter to the families of the victims
saying, "...Your dead kids don't trump 
my Constitutional Rights."
This statement, and others like it is
why and how the majority of voters
Joe the Plumber
and his Tea Party Counterparts as

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