Friday, May 16, 2014

Michael Sam ~ "Lets Just Let Him Play Football" ~ Okay?

There is, always have been, and
always will be homosexual
players in the NFL as well as in all other
major league professional sports!

These matters, however, have been buried in
speculation and question since the
beginning of Professional
(Michael Sam)
To his credit, this year, an established All-American
college football player came bravely forward,
well before the pro-draft yearly spectacle, with his
'this is what you get - the whole package'
"revelations", and the rest is history 
in the making.
Michael Sam has been met with 
overwhelming public approval. 
So lets let the dust settle now.
Lets allow him and all other professional
sports figures to have their private lives
as they see fit for themselves.
Lets Just Let Michael Sam Play

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