Saturday, May 24, 2014

MMA Winner Taps Out to a Defeat In A Stunning Act of Sportsmanship! (Video)

MMA Cage Fighting is Not Known for 
it's clean Sportsmanship.
But earlier this month when amateur fighter 
Mike Pantangco 
met Jeremy Rasner in a Prison City Fight League
tournament, and was handily 
beating him to the point where
Rasner could suffer substantial physical 
injuries, Pantangco, went to the floor,
bowed to his opponent, and 'tapped out',
thereby giving the 'win' to the loser.
You've seen the photos.
This is the video.
There is an unwritten personal "code of spirit" 
common to MMA 
fighters that provides participants will
fight to the end no matter 
the consequences, especially for
the losing fighter.
Both men understood that code in
this event, and a new level
of sportsmanship entered the sport.

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