Monday, May 19, 2014

NorCal Mom Accused of Beating Up 12-year Old Boy for Bullying Her Daughter Arrested!

Last Friday the "quietude" of the 
Sonoma County Wine Country
was rocked when a Santa Rosa Mom went to an 
elementary school campus and beat the crap 
out of a 12-year old boy who'd been 
bullying her 10-year old daughter.

Delia Garcia- Bratcher, 30, allegedly walked onto
the Olivet Elementary School campus, located the boy,
and in front of other students, grabbed him
by the throat, and slapped him 
around before he broke free
and ran into a classroom.
Ms. Garcia-Bratcher was later arrested at
the school without incident, charged
with felony child abuse, and
booked into the Sonoma County Jail.
She has posted 30,000 bail,
 was released, and
will appear in court to answer
charges at a later date.
Although we disagree with this mother's
problem solving methods, and understand
why this incident must be taken
seriously, we suspect that today
there is one less BULLY
in Sonoma County 

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