Thursday, May 29, 2014

See These Simple Rules to Reduce Your Risk of Being the Victim of a Random Shooting!

Do you want to reduce the risk of being gunned
down by a nut-sack American exercising
his Constitutional Right to have a gun?
A citizen who is also exercising his
Right to be Stupid?
One way to reduce this risk is to avoid and
boycott any and all
business establishments that invite patrons,
or encourage patrons to bring their firearms
onto their premises.
This includes Churches. 
Especially the Christian
Conservative churches found in the Bible
Belt that encourage
"Bring Your Guns to Church."
Also, wherever a NRA sticker is displayed
anywhere, it's a safe bet that there's
a gun in close proximity there too. 
Walk away.
Following these 
simple survival rules
will reduce your risk of being the 
victim of a random shooting.

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