Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sudan Woman Sentenced to Death for Converting from Islam to Christianity (Apostasy)!

Reuters: Khartoum May 31, 2014:
Meriam Yehya Ibrahim has been sentenced
by a Sudan Court
to death for converting to Christianity 
from Islam (Apostasy). 
She was also convicted of Adultery.
Under Sudan's version of Islamic Law, because
she married a Christian man, she defiled
herself before Allah as an "adulteress". 
This "crime" adds 100 lashes to 
her death sentence to be carried
out before her execution.
Mrs. Ibrahim is currently in prison with
British authorities negotiating
her release, according
to government sources.
Stay tuned.... 
Also, see our next story of a pregnant
woman who was stoned to death last
week in Pakistan under 
Islamic-Sharia Law
in a so-called "Honor-Killing".
It should be noted that the subject 
of our instant story is also

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