Saturday, May 31, 2014

These Vintage Concept Cars and Vehicles Are Pure "Eye Candy"!

For those of us who love cars and anything
else you can drive, these 'concept'
vehicles are pure "Eye Candy."
The Futureliner was 32-feet long, and had
a number of incarnations for about 10 years.
Although it was always considered a
'concept vehicle', it was also in
limited production for a short while.
There are only a few in existence today,
with one selling recently 
for $4,000,000.!

This is a distant, later cousin
to The Futureliner.
GM's 1950's "BISON BULLET",
never made it into production.
Now, just enjoy the rest of these
one of a kind beauties,
and dream....

So, Okay. They weren't all
beauties. But they had great 
personalities just the same.

We once started our own version of
a 'concept' car, but didn't get it
in sync with our visualization
of what we wanted.
Just kidding. This is actually the first Edsel.
O.K. Just spoofing again.
And,we can't get enough of the 
"CLASSICS" either.

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