Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Two-Faced Baby Born in Austrailia - "Craniofacial Duplication" - An Ethical Question!

This child (children) was born last week in
Australia with the unusual condition termed
Craniofacial Duplication (Diprosopus). 
According to doctors, this infant is actually
conjoined twins sharing the same body.
They have been named 
Hope and Faith.
The mother was warned early in gestation that
she was carrying a child with Diprosopus,
and that children with this condition have
high mortality rates.
The mother, however, took the position that
she would be happy with whatever
she got.
Given histories and prognoses of similar
children, a possibly cruel ethical 
question arises.  
The mother knew very early in her pregnancy
that her fetus suffered from Diprosopus,
and that prognosis for any kind of
comfortable life, however short, 
was narrow and limited.
Accordingly, would an abortion been
the most intelligent and sensitive
thing to do in this matter?

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