Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Whatever Happened to "The Gerber Baby" on Those Baby Food Jars?

Was the "Gerber Baby" the cutest baby Ever?
Some think so! And she was a 
real child who won a contest in1931 to become
the iconic figure on millions of 
baby food products for generations.
So, whatever happened to 
Ann Turner Cook?
Not only a beautiful child, Mrs. Cook, now 85, 
is also a beautiful woman.
Through the years, Ann Turner Cook became a wife,
mother, a grandmother, great grandmother, an
English teacher (now retired) and best 
selling mystery story writer.
 Although her product photo was changed in
2012, Mrs. Cook's baby image continues
on all Gerber Baby foods as it's
Unfortunately, Gerbers added GMO's and
pesticides to their baby food products
in recent years.
Accordingly, informed parents don't feed
their children these "foods".


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