Monday, May 26, 2014

Why Dogs Don't Like Conservative Politicians and Conservative Politicians Hate Dogs!

We can learn a lot from our dogs.
Most will agree that dogs are 
good judges of human 
We've also learned that dogs don't think much of
the characters of conservative politicians too. 
And in turn conservative politicians hate dogs 
because dogs don't listen to them.
But there are other reasons dogs don't listen
to Conservative Politicians.
These are some of them:

Dogs Don't Off-Shore Their Money
Dogs Aren't Greedy Corporatists
 A Dogs Loyalty isn't for-sale
Most Dogs Are Spade or Neutered - the ultimate
Dog's Don't Hate People or Create 
Wars Against People
Dogs Give Real Love and expect nothing in return.
Dogs Help Vets, Children and The Elderly 

Dogs don't like Paul Ryan because he's
mean to old people, vets and children.
Dogs don't like Ted Cruz because he looks and
acts like Joe McCarthy and kicks dogs.
Dogs don't like Daddy Cruz either
because he believes Dogs don't go to 
Heaven and taught Ted to kick dogs.
Dogs don't like the Robertson Duck Dynasty
crowd because they use 
dogs to kill things.
Dogs don't like 
because it is stupid and they lie.
Dogs don't like the 
The Koch Brothers
because they support only 
Conservative Politicians who kick dogs
and people too.
'Dogs are Good. Conservative
Politicians are Bad.'
~Credit Article Concept to
"Scoot", California.

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