Monday, June 30, 2014

Do YOU Talk to Your Dog? (A Good News Study)

Do You Discuss Important Personal Matters
With Your Dog BEFORE You Make 
Your Decisions?
Business Matters?
Do you talk to your dog
about these things?
Do You?
If you do, you're not alone.
Lots of people do, and there's good news
for those who do. 
We talk to our dog.
Dorothy talked to Toto.
Some the world's greatest leaders
talked to their dogs.
"Fala" was in constant communication with FDR
who was one of America's finest presidents.
Fala was FDR's constant companion.
And there never has been a White House
Press Secretary as effective as Fala
in U.S. History.

We even talked to Fala a few years ago
where he is memorialized at our nations
Now the good news.
A recent comprehensive study overview
provides that people who talk to their dogs 
are healthier, happier, more productive,
 and compassionate people than those who don't
and those who don't have dogs.

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