Monday, June 16, 2014

"PENIS" - A New Horror-Political-Thriller Movie Coming to Theaters Soon! (NSFW)

Are You Ready for
The New Political-Horror-Thriller Film
The Lily-Wave Company!
Based on true events, "PENIS" tells the epic story of
Dick Cock, a young Andy Warhol rising 
underground film Superstar who, 
after contracting 'Penis Nose Virus' from an 
anti-feminist activist dildo, was forced to
cut his film career short.
Taken, in part, from Warhol Superstar
chronicled biography, "15 Minutes of Fame",
the story continues with young Dick 
rising to power and fame in the political world 
to become one of the U.S. Congress's most
powerful and influential figures. 
Now, lets take a look at the first 'still'
photos of the illustrious 
Star Line Up.
~"Pantyhose" Mitt Jawballs Ramney~
~Michele Beakmann~
And, John McNutts is already the 
Balls Out favorite for an Academy Award
for his portrayal of a well known
U.S. Senator!
And now, Fasten Your Seat Belts.
Here's the First teaser to a 
forthcoming trailer for a sure-fire
blockbuster hit film.
The Movie - In Theaters Soon! 

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