Monday, June 30, 2014

SCOTUS Strikes Down Abortion Clinic 'Buffer-Zones' Between Anti-Choice Protesters and Women Seeking Treatment!

Last week, The U.S. Supreme Court
struck down "Buffer Zones" between
'anti-choice' protesters and women
seeking treatment at Abortion Clinics.
In McCullen v. Coakley (Massachusetts), 
Justices removed a
'buffer requirement' of 35 feet to entrances
and walkways between protesters and 
clinic workers and their clients.
It is fact that protesters typically harass,
intimidate, and sometimes act out violently
against clinic clients and staff.
Sometimes, clients and/or staff 
are killed.
This woman was an abortion clinic
client and suffered injuries when
a bomb was thrown inside the
building's waiting room. 
Here are some facts:
This woman was the victim of an illegal "Back Alley"
abortion performed prior to Roe v. Wade when 
no clinics were available.
Today, some Red States are reporting the rise
in Back Alley abortions in that those States
are closing clinics and making virtually
impossible for women to receive
safe treatment.
which daughter of a well known Conservative 
Christian Politician recently went to Canada 
for an abortion where she was afforded 
treatment in a safe facility?

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