Monday, June 16, 2014

See Matt McGorry's Leaked 'Magic Mike 2' Audition on You Tube!

was a mega hit a year or so ago,
and became an instant classic
with a huge cult following.
So much so, that there have been countless
satires and parodies,
 such as this SNL parody-memorial by
Joesph Gordon-Levitt.
And now, get ready for the sequel,
that brings back most of the original
cast and some new faces (and bodies)
to the Big Screen.
One of those new faces is reported
to be Matt McGory.
And just 'LEAKED' is his audition
screen test.
And here it is~ 

As a bonus, here is "Channing Tatum"
rehearsing his iconic
"Magic Mike"
show stopper routine.
So, Okay, we fudged a little bit.
MAGIC MIKE 2 will be released
in the Summer of 2015.

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