Monday, June 16, 2014

Texas Grocery Store Sells "Beef Penis" to Unsuspecting Consumers? "Pizzle Meat"? (Photo)

A New Form of Beef Jerky?
MT Supermarket in Texas is being sued for
(mistakenly?) selling a product known
as "Pizzle" to the general public.
Wikipedia defines 'Pizzle' as a 'Bulls Balls and Penis'
rendering from dead cows,
typically used in the manufacture of animal
chew toys'.
Pizzle is not approved by the FDA,  and is said
to be not fit and even harmful
 for human consumption.
However, not all consumers are complaining,
and some have returned for more. 

Twila Crump says her 'Pizzle Cassorole' got
rave reviews at the 4-Square Gospel Bible Church
social this past week. Especially among
the Women's Bible Study Group.

Meanwhile, Governor Rick Perry says,
"...he's investigating the matter",
with fork in hand.
~Contributed by 
The 'Say it's Not So' Foundation.

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