Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Texas Rep.Blake Farenthold Introduces Congressional Bill to Withhold Eric Holder's Paycheck!

This week, the 'Tattoo' from Fantasy 
Island 'look-a-like'
and oil industry puppet, Texas
Congressman Blake Farenthold, introduced 
legislation to withhold Attorney General
Eric Holder's paycheck.
It seems Eric Holder is doing his job,
and Farenthold is opposed to it.
On a positive note, Farenthold shows his
playful side in his "yellow ducky" Jammie's
with who appears to be Paris Hilton,
his wife, or a Duck Dynasty
cast member in
this photo.
Farenthold also plugs his re-election
campaign telling voters he avoids
dental care to save taxpayers
With Michele Bachmann retiring from
congress we're sure we'll hear more
from Blake Farenthold in 
the months ahead.
~Contributed by "Say it's Not So - But it Is".

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