Saturday, June 14, 2014

Victoria Welcher - 3 Year Old Recovering from Vicious Pit Bull Attack Told To Leave KFC - Too Scary!

This is Victoria Welcher before a vicious
Pit Bull Dog attack left her fighting
for her life.
This is Victoria today as she is 
recovering from that attack.
This past week, a KFC Restaurant in 
Jackson, Mississippi told her
to leave their premises.
Reason? She was considered 
"too scary for other patrons."
Her incensed parents have taken to their
Facebook page to tell this story.
Let's give Victoria another Victory, and
give support to this 
(Update June 17, 2014: Yesterday, KFC apologized to 
Victoria for the treatment she received and donated
$30,000. toward her medical expenses. 
 This is a good start, but it doesn't change the 
mentality that caused the incident
in the first place.)  
Update June 24, 2014: Today some media
report that "Victoria's KFC Incident"
to be a HOAX!

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