Sunday, August 31, 2014

Michael Brown's Brain Preserved for Study - In a Thimble?

Troll Media has reported that 
Michael Brown's "street memorial" was
desecrated by Ferguson Police when
they allowed their dogs to urinate 
on it, and then drove over
it with police vehicles.
If you believe this story, then 
you'll believe this one too......
 Michael Brown's Memory Has 
Been Further Desecrated! 
Michael Brown's Brain is now preserved in a
thimble to be studied for years to come.
Medics report that the brain extraction
was a quick procedure in that it was
about the size of a fruit fly brain.
Further unconfirmed reports provide
that Brown's body has been sent
to The KKK Museum of
Modern History!
~Credit Article Concept to Troll Media

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